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We dive deep into the world of online dating and hookups, on a mission to find real women. We don't take their word for it. We create our own accounts and respond to personals. We chat with women to find out - are they really women or just bots?

Here on everybackpage.com, you will find out where you can actually get laid. Our goal is to provide you with a real and down to earn guide for finding women and having fun with them. Enjoy your stay.

Backpage Alternatives

Since the closing of backpage in 2018, a number of "backpage alternatives" and clones now exist, but most of them suck! Here are the good ones.

Craigslist Personals

Since the closing of craigslist personal section in 2018, it's taken a while but some good alternatives finally exist and we share them here.

Top Ranked

After testing hundreds of dating apps and websites, find out which one wins our editors choice for 2020.

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General posts containing relationship and dating advice. A look at dating news and developments.