Where did they come from?

It was the year 2018, and thanks to FOSTA legislation and the potential legal implications, craigslist decided to close their personals section.  The day after they closed, doublelist was suddenly online and served as a “double” with the same look and feel that people came to know and love. They even copied their terms and conditions verbatim. This lead to lot of speculation that doublelist was actually created by previous employees from craigslist, which isn’t true.

There are some key differences to how they operate. Once you go to doublelist and select your nearest city, it will take you to a categories page featuring over 20 categories, even including stories and quizzes which is unique.

Once you go there you will be taken to a listings page. You’ll notice a row of stars on the left side of the listings, which you can use to highlight your favorite ads, and these get saved aside from you in your favorites section. This is handy for collecting ads which got your attention. To the right of the ad listings it will show the letters “img” if they have pictures included, and beside that a little trash can icon if you want to delete any ads.

Now once you click one of the ads to see her details and pictures, you will be taken to the login page for doublelist. You need to have an account to go futher. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, so we didn’t really consider this to be a big deal. Once you have your account, you can start viewing ads.

So how do we contact women?

So you’ve got some of your favorite ads saved and an account, now to make contact you’ll click the little purple mail icon above the ad title, and this will allow you to send an email to the poster without them revealing their email address.  This gets forwarded to them, and if they want to reply to you you can expect a reply to your email address.

Are the girls on here real? Do they reply to these emails?

It took us a little longer then with other sites which don’t hide phone numbers, but we managed to contact 100 women with their email relay system. We received 27 replies back, all of which were real.  So the realness is impressive, but a lot of women simply won’t write you back for whatever reason. We think it would be a good addition if they had an SMS option as most people respond this way faster and easier. All in all doublelist is a real website and they do a good job at protecting their platform and keeping it safe.

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