Sometimes canadians just want sex eh?

So if you are located in Canada, you’ll notice that your options for reliable escorts are extremely limited. The only other site with a sizeable canadian userbase in our testing was w4m maps, the rest of them really only cater to Americas. With that being said, for almost being a monopoly they do a very good job at constantly improving their features and not being lazy about it. So with that said lets take a closer look at leolist.

There are a few categories to choose from: Female escorts, dating, massage, and fetishes.  You don’t need an account to view ads, so you can open the listings right away. Their interface is very clean and smooth, and next to each ad there is a decent sized picture of the girl, and ads contain up to 12 pictures, with most women posting several of them. On the downside a lot of them blur out their faces, there isn’t a lot of nudity, and sometimes you have to do one of those annoying captcha things to get the phone number.

However, since the majority of women here do post their mobile number as a way to contact them, we found it pretty easy to make contact. In the ads women will specify what they provide, whether they do incall or outcall, and generally their rates are listed aswell. We prefer this, as you don’t to sign up or play games to collect phone numbers, and you don’t have to try and use code words asking them about prices etc. It’s all just there.

How expensive are the women?

It depends on the services you are looking for. If you just want a blowjob the average range is $50-$100. If you are looking to pound that pussy that generally starts at $180/hour and up. Some women will offer to hang out the entire night, but you gotta be prepared to spend a lot of money for that and we think you’re better off saving your money for tim hortons then paying them for a sleep over.

How real are the women on leolist?

We got ourselves a canadian phone number for testing and contacted 100 women on leolist. Although a small percentage of them seemed downright paranoid to answer any questions due to fear we could be from the law, the reality is over 90% of them were real. This is a really good amount of “realness” for a classified. If you contact 10 women then about 9 of them should be real and ready to serve you.

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