Skip The Games

Can you really just get laid on here?

The answer is that if you are willing to pay for it, then yes you can. And besides since dates and flowers generally cost money anyways, sometimes you just wanna skip all that and get yourself some pussy. In this review we are gonna take a close look at “skip the games” and see if you really can get satisfaction on there like they claim.

They were established in 2018 shortly after backpage and craigslist both closed their doors, and have quickly become the second most popular escort site in the world.

Once you go to their site you will see its a little confusing, with them featuring popular provider posts and provide photos in the spotlight. You can ignore those since you are gonna want to focus in on your city if you actually want to get laid. After you’ve selected your city,  you have 2 main ways of viewing the ads which is pretty cool.

100% Gallery View

This gives you a listing of photos with no descriptions or text, and once you click a photo it takes you to their ad with full details. This is a good way to get some eye candy and go by attraction first and foremost, and then get hte details.

Smaller pictures with descriptions

Here you still get pictures, along with some detail beside them about what they offer and their price.

Once you have found a girl you are interested in, you don’t need to signup or create an account to view the ads which is definitely to our liking, and similar to cityxguide all their information is listed in the ad. This includes price, city, pictures, services they offer, hours they work, accepted payment methods, and the list goes on. Infact of all the escort sites we’ve checked out, this probably offers the most information in the ads which is very handy because it saves you the time of having to conversate and manually collect all those much needed details.

How many women on skip the games are real?

We contacted 100 women which is our standard practice in finding out the “real deal” with these sites, and had small conversations to see whats going on.  Out of those contacted, 73 of them were real women and did infact offer the services they listed. This means you should get at least 7 real women out of 10 contacted.  This is really not bad for this type of website, and since the ads contain an impressive amount of details you can pretty much skip the games and get straight to the sexy times you are looking for once you contact them, you don’t need to spend tons of time asking “how can I pay you” and “what hours are you available” and “do I have to wear a condom” and all that good stuff.  Have fun.

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