How good are they really?

If you have been to listcrawler in the past, you might remember they used to aggregate and list all the ads which were on backpage. They didn’t have escorts of their own. Now since the closing of backpage they have opened their doors, and they seem to also be called “escort alligator” at the same time as listcrawler which is super confusing, but lets go with it. Have you ever seen a slutty woman riding an alligator before?

Once you go there and confirm you are legal age, they will pop open a box to have you select your city. Once done you will get ads with pictures on the left and a description with contact information on the right. You don’t need an account to view or respond to ads which is always nice since it saves you a lot of time.

The site design itself looks like it was built in 1998, but it does get straight to the point. In the right menu you can sort your list depending on what you are looking for. They have “max 80” which is for people who don’t wanna spend more then $80 bucks. They got milfs, bbws, forty and up, asians, women who are looking for “car fun” and so on. If you select the alligator you get everything at once, which is the default. If you choose to click an option on the menu your ads will be displayed according. We like this feature and think other sites should expand on this idea.

You can also save ads and write notes on them, which is a handy way of keeping track of women you wanna bang.

Here’s the challenge

People can post ads for free and without any kind of moderation. You can even post them over and over again from your same IP address and with the same copy and pasted content etc. There is truly no security on this site, further backing up my claims it was built around 1998 technology. This opened the door for all kinds of catfish and opportunists to post fake escort ads.

Whats the solution?

After doing some digging we did notice a new company has put out a pro version of the site using new technology, and in our testing on there the women were over 90% real which was a huge relief. Maybe we are going to get some pussy on listcrawler afterall. If you wanna check them out we’ve included the link below.

Open Listcrawler