Backpage Alternatives

#1. Tryst

If there is one site which has a hope of truly replacing what backpage offered in terms of finding somebody to sleep with, its tryst.  Once you create an account, you can browse your area and find women in a 25 mile radius… its pretty fun cause you get a visual of your area and where people are relative to you.  This site is very good at connecting you with women who are local. Don’t waste your time chatting with people who you can’t get with. Highly recommended.


Open Tryst


#2. Bedpage

Make no mistake about it, bedpage was created solely as a replacement for backpage and they even state this directly on their “about me” page. They do a good job of copying the look and feel, and many people don’t know this but its actually free to post there and this makes them an attractive choice for women. Why does that matter? Because it means more of them are choosing to post there looking for “clients” like you and therefore you have more women to choose from for yourself.

In our tests we reached out to 12 different ads, and 11 of them turned out to be real women. For a classified site this is actually highly impressive, those of you who have experience in this area know what I am talking about!

Pro Tip:

Bedpage is full of real ads, but at the top of each page there are a bunch of sponsored ads and top ads. All of those just lead to other websites and not to real women, so do not click on any of those. Scroll past that to todays date and go from that. Enjoy!


#3. Listcrawler

Here we have a straight escort site which is very popular, and the people running this are using

This one actually has the most legitimate ads, all of the ones we responded to were real. Just be aware that similar to bedpage you are going to want to avoid all the sponsored ads at the top, and just look for todays date and see the ads under there, those are the real women.

By using our data tools we can also clearly see that listcrawler has the most traffic flowing to it of all the alternatives, and a heavy amount of people based out of the united states. This is a good one due to the fact lots of women are actually here and interested in meeting in person.

#4. Cityxguide

Alright so here’s another classified that’s been around for a few years, this one isn’t a clone or direct copy of the old backpage, and it’s quite promising.

Pro Tip: You can avoid fake ads on ALL these platforms by just looking carefully at the ad. Most of the fake ones on cityxguide ask you to email them directly to addresses like “” etc. Others will put in phone numbers with disguises like 7x8x8 3x9x1 2x8x8x1 if you see any of that stuff it should immediately tell you that you are dealing with spammers and scammers and you shouldn’t contact them unless you want to start getting auto replies back for the next 4 months!

Instead you just need to spot out the real ads on there and contact them. In general we recommend using a seperate email for all this, just in case your email becomes part of a list after, since some of the ads you contact on any site might not be real people.