W4M Maps ranked best site of the year

#1 –  W4M Maps

Hands down based on all our experiences and testing w4m maps is the best replacement to the old craigslist personals and backpage that is available now in 2020.  Seems like most people agree as they are the most popular personals, with over 5 million members and a faster growth rate then plenty of fish.

They got rid of the old format of looking at text personals ads and give you you a visual map of where you are now (with your permission) and then show you women who have active personals on the map around you.  This not only looks cool but is a good way to deal with women who are actually nearby. You browse the map and find women you want to meet. You get a look not just at their pictures but exactly where they are located in relation to you, and this gives you a much better and more realistic idea if you will be meeting up or not.

Research shows that most people won’t meet someone unless they are within 30-40 miles of their current location, and although apps like tinder are based on location, you actually don’t know where they are until you get that information from them personally. On W4M Maps you can simply see them on the map where they are. We also like their invite features, as you can select places on the map which are in-between the two of you and invite them to meet you there.

We would definitely recommend you give w4m maps a try if you are serious about meeting someone and not just talking about it. This is one of the most innovative and sexy ideas we’ve seen in a while.

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